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(E) High Speed Rayon


Highspeed Rayon Embroidery

·         Composition : 100% Rayon

·         Denier : 120D/2

·         Durable under high RPM speed for machine embroidery

·         Enhance your production efficiency

·         More than 1300 colors to choose from

·         Space Dye Type available: See Picture 1 below. (Color # : SLE-1284 to SLE-1322)


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SLE-0001 to SLE-0150
SLE-0151 to SLE-0300
SLE-0301 to SLE-0450
SLE-0451 to SLE-0600
SLE-0601 to SLE-0750
SLE-0751 to SLE-0900
SLE-0901 to SLE-1050
SLE-1051 to SLE-1200
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